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Private “White Label” Solutions

We have a range of private label solutions that allow our corporate customers to maintain their unique identity, but extend their overall range of services offering members/employees access to high level concierge services.

All solutions have online and call based ticketing with access to both our ticket inventory as well as the entire secondary market of tickets and experiences.

We host and maintain the ticketing infrastructure, but brand the solution to match our clients online style to ensure consistent look and feel within the concierge ticketing environment.

Our sites are focused on region specific content to ensure that the hottest concerts, shows and sporting events are easily accessible within a couple of clicks.

We provide a dedicated infrastructure with access to regional numbers to enable our ticketing sales professionals to customize a script of user interaction that delivers the experience of a dedicated local ticket agent.

Workforce AccommodationsYour Brand Here

We offer is workforce staff and companies clients extended stay accommodation and management that make sense to whatever your needs are.

Red Carpet Experiences offers the following solutions:

  • Project Management and Consulting
  • Supply and Management of WKF Villages
  • Catering and Food and Beverage Services
  • Logistics including Cleaning, Waste and Laundry
  • Front Desk, Arrivals/Departures and key management services
  • 24/7 Emergency and On-call services
  • Security consulting and management
Whether you require 10 beds or 100, contact us to discuss getting everything set for your staff.

BrandingYour Brand Here

Our experience-based approach is a highly efficient way to generate huge visibility through earned media.

Today’s cultural and corporate events have quickly become avenues for powerful branding opportunities for corporations, products and services. Red Carpet Experiences, identifies and realizes the best opportunities to express a brand in the most effective and compelling ways around events and social platforms.

Red Carpet Experiences, specializes in all forms of corporate event branding. RCE, produces a full turn-key end-to-end solution for businesses, retail & service based clients corporate events. If you can imagine it – chances are Red Carpet Experiences can build it! Look at the possibilities …

  • Brand/product immersion
  • Consumer launch campaigns
  • Stunts/viral marketing
  • Social media
  • New market introductions
  • Press/influencer events
  • Hospitality suites
  • Guerilla Event Take-Over

Sponsorship Services Sponsored By Your Company
  • Property Evaluation - Event/Property evaluation reports based on industry standards. We specialize in determining value in unique assets of property.
  • Strategic Planning - From concept to branding to long-term event growth planning, RCE provides comprehensive strategic sponsorship plans.
  • Licensing - Sourcing, license negotiation, warehousing and fulfillment services.
  • Travel and Logistics - Specializing in travel logistics for any event.
  • Mobile Marketing Programs - Design, production and operation of mobile marketing programs nationwide.
  • Research - Comprehensive event research including online polling, direct mail and entry/exit programs.
  • Sales Incentive Programs
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Experiential Marketing and Product Display Programs
  • Trade Show Management and Sales
Luxury Experiences Luxury Experiences

Want to go the world’s best events in style?

Red Carpet Experiences offers amazing VIP experiences to some of the world’s most exclusive events, including:

  • The Masters (Augusta, GA)
  • 2014 Winter Games (Sochi, Russia)
  • Soccer World Cup 2014 (Brazil)
  • Super Bowl (Meadowlands, NJ)


Red Carpet Experiences offers tour packages to some of the world’s most elite events. In 2013, Red Carpet Experiences acquired Ludus Tours. Ludus has over a decade of experience in the tour and travel business.

Our Awards

Ludus is the Official Tour Operator for USA Track & Field, USRowing, the Canadian Curling Team and more. Since its inception in 2003, Ludus has taken more than 10,000 guests to events all around the world.

With Ludus’ capabilities, Red Carpet Experiences can offer white label tour groups that are ‘branded’ towards your organization.
Below are some of the events that we focus on:

Oktoberfest Tours: www.oktoberfesttours.com
Pamplona Running of the Bulls: www.pamplona-tours.com
Rio Summer Games: www.summergames.travel
Sochi Winter Games: www.wintergames.travel
The Masters: www.masters.travel
Austin Formula 1 Grand Prix: www.motorsports.travel
Digital MarketingYour Brand Here

Red Carpet Experiences offers a unique in-house online marketing team that can help build campaigns around your events and your marketing goals.

RCE will take your hospitality and ticketing programs and enhance them. Our capabilities to help your organization:

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • CRM (i.e. Salesforce.com) Customization
  • Online Marketing and email campaign management
  • Creative and Graphic Design

TicketingYour Brand Here
Inventory Management

Simplify your corporate or member ticket inventory management using our dynamic ticketing framework. We offer both full-service and self-service ticket fulfillment models.Within our full-service model, we provide options for you to manage your inventory or for us to take over the entire process. In occurrences where we have taken the lead on the entire inventory management processes, our customers have recognized tremendous savings and superior overall inventory. Within our self-service model, we provide the entire infrastructure to allow you to indepently manage your inventory. We have deployed several models that facilitate simplicity with a focus on overall cost savings.

Our inventory management solutions continue to provide cost savings and simplification of the entire purchasing and allocation processes.

Want to know even more about our services?
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Luxury Suites

It’s one thing to be able to lock in some good tickets.  Its another thing to be able to take your group to an event in style by booking a luxury suite to the world’s top events.  Red Carpet Experiences has access to luxury suites.  You can’t buy these on eBay!!  We work with various organizations around the globe to be able to offer special access to luxury suites at venues and events around the world.



We work with some of the most exclusive events in the world.  We can build out events for your clients to the most coveted experiences there are.  Or we can completely build something from the ground up based upon what your client is seeking.

• Summer Games
• Soccer World Cup Brazil
• Super Bowl
• The Masters
• Winter Games


Corporate Hospitality

These days, corporate hospitality means more than taking your clients to play golf in a limo.

Do you want to build a hospitality program that impress your clients and/or team?  Do you want your clients to talk about their corporate programs for years and years?

We can guarantee experiences that your clients will NEVER forget.  Do more.  Don’t get the cookie-cutter approach to events.  Not only we do offer competitive pricing, we offer a serious component that our competitors lack – and that’s personal service.  You and your clients will be hugging our staff as they depart.  Yeah, we know that might not sound very professional.  If you’re ready for something different, we’d love to customize a hospitality package for you.

If you want more of the same, contact one of our competitors.  If you’re ready to take a chance and try something out of the box, we’re ready to build out something special for you and your clients.

We offer services that are customized and created specifically for each client. We are a full service boutique agency that offers the following services for your next events:

  • Destination Management Company (DMC)
  • Transportation Services
  • Creative Services/Signage
  • Event branding opportunities (with fans, public, athletes, etc….don’t just buy a sign on the side of a stadium; let us connect your brand with the fans in a more tangible way)
  • Hotel and ticketing services, procurement to delivery
  • Catering and hostesses


Red Carpet Experiences


Our Story

It’s one thing to be able to lock in some good tickets. Its another thing to be able to take your group to an event in style by booking a luxury suite to the world’s top events.

Red Carpet Experiences has access to luxury suites. You can’t buy these on Stubhub! We work with various organizations around the globe to be able to offer special access to luxury suites at venues and events around the world.

Executive Team

Brian Peters
Brian Peters

Chief Executive Officer

Peters experience in the hospitality industry spans almost two decade. Peters started Red Carpet Experiences in 2004 and has seen it grow to one of the fastest businesses in the country . The company has made the Inc. 500 list twice in the last five years. He serves as the President for the Austin Chapter of Entrepreneur Organization (EO) and is an extremely active University of Texas Alumni donor.

Adam Dailey
Adam Dailey

Chief Strategy Officer, President

Dailey founded Ludus Tours in 2003, which because a part of the Red Carpet Experiences family in April 2013. Ludus was the #4 Fastest Growing Travel Business in the Country and named as San Diego's Best Places to Work. Dailey was a finalist for San Diego's Most Admired CEO in both 2012 and 2013 and was named by San Diego Metro Magazine as one of Top 20 Men Who Make a Difference. Dailey is an active member of Entrepreneur Organization, San Diego Sports Innovators and the San Diego Sports Commission.

Raffaella Cinti
Raffaella Cinti

Vice President, Olympics

Cinti has been the journey-woman for the company since 2007, when she gave up a desk job of working at Fiat to move to Beijing. Since then, Cinti has resided in and set up programs for the company in Vancouver, Johannesburg, London, Sochi and now, RIo de Janeiro. "Raffa" embodies the spirit and positivity in the company in every way! She speaks Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese and a little bit of Chinese.

Nathan Goodson
Nathan Goodson

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Goodson has been driving the marketing strategy for the company for more than 2 years. He runs the Brazil office (located in Rio de Janeiro), overseeing sales for all things Brazilian (World Cup, Olympics, Carnival, etc.).

Rich Beard
Rich Beard

Director of Operations

Rich has been serving various roles at the company since the company since the Athens 2004 Olympics. Since then, he has not missed an Olympic Games. Beard is to the go-to guy for all event operations/procurement. He has run programs in seven countries.

Jill Damron
Jill Damron

Membership Group Manager

Damron has been with Red Carpet since 2008 and is the driving force behind our membership group relationships, including ClubCorp. She runs the customer service team in our Austin office.

Team Heroes
Toby Atkinson
Toby Atkinson
Christy Goodson
Mark Goddard
Christy Goodson
Christy Goodson
Andy Jones
Andy Jones
Jason Jurkotsy
Jason Jurkotsy
Adam McDaniel
Adam McDaniel
Colin Shread
Colin Shread
Alexandra Wagner
Alexandra Wagner
Taylor Zarsky
Taylor Zarsky
Our Core Value

It’s a CULTure

Core Values
1. We Treat You Like Family

Everyone cares about each other like family in our organization. This is a sincere statement. We’ve all been through tough times together and it makes us stronger – like a real family. Our team is a tight knit one who makes fun of each other and pushes the envelope of separating work and personal because just care about either other…maybe too much…just like a real family. We try to take this same mindset and make our clients feel the same way.

2. Have Fun.

We like to have fun. Fun means laughing, drinking a beer and entertaining. This is what our competitors say about us when they see us with our clients (or each other). We want our team to not only be fun, but to engage our clients in having fun. ‘Fun’ is one of the primary words our partners and staff use to describe our team, and we live by the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra.

3. We Love Our Events; We Love What We Do.

We hand-pick our events because we’re passionate about them. We love them. We’re part of Ludus because we love creating these experiences and we’re passionate about doing so. You’ll find former athletes on our team and staff who really cares about these events.

4. Build and Grow Relationships

We are all about relationships. From our relationships with our vendors to our guests, we value our people and we’re proud of the way we treat those around us. We’ve able to make it this far because of our relationships and our unique and up front way of doing business. We’re real people and it shows in our relationships…our clients are our friends. Creating that relationship is a key to establishing that connection.

5. Every Day is an Event

Events are what drive our organization. We have to not only love working events, but also come back to the office with the same stamina, energy and passion that we bleed at events. Its also symbolic of every day being an opportunity to be better, be happier, improve or make someone’s day!

6. Be Better

We don’t settle for the status quo. As individuals, we’re striving to improve ourselves. As an organization, we power forward and continue to improve our experiences, our events, our culture and the people that distinguish us. We always can get better!

Our Clients Our Clients
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Why Red Carpet?

At Red Carpet, we believe that trips, travel, hospitality and tickets should add up to once in a lifetime experiences. We are a company who believes in our core values and wear them on our sleeve. Fundamentally, the way we've built our infrastructure is to create programs that make our clients look good. You've been at events and seen us - you just didn't know you were seeing us.


We provide a private labeled sales solution for businesses and membership organizations that want to offer world class experiences and tickets to their membership and/or employee base.


Since 2003, we have built a team dedicated to the customer experience. We've built relationships that have led us to get unique access to hard to get event tickets for concerts, theatre and sporting events across the global. We're more than a ticketing company. We help people fulfill their dreams and keep clicking things off their bucket list.

For each of our clients, we create a customized call center solution with unique phone numbers assigned to each member group. Each call is answered with a customized salutation that maintains the branding of our client. All fulfillment is created to further maintain brand loyalty. Finally, we create a customized web site that mirrors the look and feel of our client’s own web presence, and which makes our entire universe of tickets available to their end users online.


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